29 March 2011

Happy Birthday Mum

It is my mother's birthday today - if she was still with us she would be 70.  It is difficult to imagine mum as being 70, she will always be 48 to me.  I wonder what she would have been like as an older lady, what our relationship would be now that I am a mother, am I the person she hoped I would be?

Mum passed away 21 years ago - it seems like a whole life time ago.  As I make my journey through motherhood, I find myself missing her more now than in the early years. Now is the time that I need her advice and her guidance.  I long for her company.  I have a much clearer understanding of my parents now that I am a parent and I want to thank her and dad for being the parents they were, for giving me the childhood I had, which was the foundations for the woman I have become.

So "Happy Birthday" Mum.  I love you. xx

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  1. your mum has the smae birthay as Callum one of my sons, who was 12!
    Motherhood is an amazing journey,and can make you so thankfull for your own childhood.