07 April 2011

Alice - this is your last chance!

Not being one who likes to give up, I decided to give Alice one more chance.  I cut the skirt off the bodice, removed quite a few cm's off the skirt and decided to add a Peter Pan collar, which I had to draft. I have never done that before - so a little research was in order.  I typed "drafting a peter pan collar" into google (got to love google!) and I found this great link at Learning to Fly showing you how to draft a peter pan collar.  It was super easy to follow and I think I did an ok job at my first attempt.  It has made a HUGE difference to the dress.

I'm still not finished, but I'm feeling a whole lot better about it tonight than I did last night.


  1. I'm glad Alice is doing a bit better now! Looking forward to seeing photos when it's all done.

    Also, don't feel you have to participate, but I think your blog is great so I'm passing the Stylish Blogger Award on to you. :-)

  2. hi Deb I have nominated you for a blog award, you need to link bak with the sender, look at my posting so you know what to do. Its a lovely idea but I have found it hard work! Good luck