02 April 2011

Colette Spring Palette Challenge - completed

This week is the end of the Colette Spring Palette Challenge.  I was lucky enough to tie in the garments I wanted to make with the Sew Weekly challenges.  Just to recap, here was my inspiration palette (images courtesy of Polyvore) ...

This is what I made ......

2 tops, 2 dresses and a pair of pants.  I had intended to make the Oolong Dress from Colette Patterns (although it is very similar to the pattern I used for my Summer Storms dress and a white top - I will get those done sometime in the future.  You can see each item that I made in a little more detail in previous posts.

Following the Sew Weekly and Spring Palette Challenges has been a fantastic way for me to stay focused and to actually get sewing.  I'm looking forward to other challenges that Colette Patterns may host, as well as continuing the weekly challenges that Mena throws at us.  Have you followed any challenges?  I would love to hear about them.


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  2. Hi Debbie, I love the way you've put together an image of what you've been making with your Sew Weekly challenges! It looks very impressive when you put it all together like that, doesn't it?! :-)

  3. Thanks Kat. We have made quite a few things now, we should make a collage every now and again just to see how impressive all our hard work is!!