17 April 2011

Just kidding around

This week at Sew Weekly the theme was "Just kidding around", we had to use a photo from our childhood as inspiration for an outfit. There aren't many photos of me as a child that don't include a school uniform, or wearing a particularly ugly yellow safari style suit (ughh), so this photo is what I decided to use ...

I am 10 and my sister is 2. Shirred top dresses always make me think of my childhood. I grew up in the Snowy Mountains, where summer usually lasted about ohhhh a week! So summer dresses were not plentiful in my wardrobe. My aunt (who lives in Queensland) sent me a summer dress every christmas, and this is one she made for me - I loved this dress!

The shirred dress idea fitted in perfectly this week, as I had about one hour spare to sew (between school cross country events, getting organised to go away, hairdresser etc,etc). I found this piece of fabric which had all the work done, all I had to do is one seam! Not much of a contribution I know, but some weeks have got to be easy!

Terrible photo as well, taken very early on Thursday morning in between running around the house doing last minute stuff - sorry!

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  1. well done you for getting it done. I had many dresses like this too. x x x