11 April 2011

Not so glamourous apron

Over at Sew Weekly last week the challenge was to make an apron and this Burda dress in black to show off the apron.  I decided to push the rule a little, and use black with white polka dots (as I DO love dots).  I did have great plans for this vintage glamour apron,
but, "Alice" got in the way.  Alice took up so much time that I found myself on Sunday morning with no dress or apron!  So it was flat-strap sewing yesterday, in between spending quality time with the family.  At 10.30 pm, when I finally finished my dress, I had no energy left for the gorgeous glamourous apron, so I quickly threw one together of my own design - design inspiration coming from a piece of gathered broderie angelaise I found in my stash.  This is what I finished up with

The dress went together very nicely - I do like burda patterns, and this one had a neat way of doing the lining.  I will make this dress again, but with some changes - the neckline is a little too big and as I'm not really very fond of gathered waists, I will do pleats instead, or make the skirt more a-line.


  1. Hi Deb, thanks for giving me the Liebster Award! I'm really flattered. I've posted it on my blog but I'm not sure if I've successfully linked it back to your blog. How is this week's challenge coming along? I've chosen an influence, pattern and fabric but have yet to make a start! Tomorrow night ...

  2. hi Deb, its such a cute apron and goes very well with your kitcken. xx