02 April 2011

Fabric - finally!

I'm running a little behind schedule - the RTW Tailoring sew-a-long started yesterday and I have only just got my fabric.  I originally thought I would get red fabric, but I found this lightweight wool type fabric and decided to use that and have red lining - I'm hoping it is going to look great! (as it has cost me about $100 already).

Things to do this weekend to catch up:

1.  Trace out the pattern and make the changes that Sherry has requested (RTW Tailoring sew-a-long)
2.  Make up a calico

Have you ever done a tailored jacket?  How did it turn out?  I would love to hear about your adventures with tailoring.  Follow the sew-a-long via the above link.

1 comment:

  1. Debbie, this will look fantastic. I am really looking forward to following you on this. You are so good at joining sevral projects.
    Good Luck, I know the pressure I feel when making new expensive things up. x x x