10 April 2011

Stylish Blogger Award

I still can't quite believe that I have been given a Stylish Blogger Award.  As part of this award I get to share 7 things about me that you probably don't know.

1.  I was born in Sydney (in the 60's - arhhh), spent my childhood in the beautiful Monaro region of New South Wales (gateway to the Snowy Mountains).  I moved to Brisbane when I was 21.

2.  I would love to be good at gardening - but I'm not.

3.  I must be very dull - I can't think of anything interesting to tell! Thinking, thinking ....

4.  If I could do anything in the world - I'd do what I'm doing ...... being a full time mother to my gorgeous girls - Miss A (who's 11) and Miss E (who's 7) - still figuring out what I will do when they don't need me.

5.  My favourite colour is red

6.  I'm going to Vietnam in May - with friends ....... I'm leaving my family at home (this is a VERY big challenge for me).

7.  I don't like playing board games - which is a problem as my partner loves them (he has a huge collection of them)

Ok - there is my list of seven (probably uninteresting) things about me.  Now here are seven blogs I enjoy reading:


  1. Why thank you very much, of course I will accept and follow the rules, it will go out as Mondays post. You have put a big smile on my face today, good luck with your blog I will be back. Have a lovely week honey. axx

  2. Thank you too for my award! Very very sweet of you to think of me. I see you have another award so for someone with 3 followers your rise to fame is spectacular! Before you know it, you won't be eligible any more.