25 April 2011

You Sew, Girl

I have just added a groovy new sewing book - You Sew, Girl  to my sewing library.  I found it in a fabulous bookshop in Manuka (Canberra).  This book has just hit the streets and is written by Nicole Mallalieu, a fashion designer and bag maker from Melbourne.  The book is full of great sewing tips, projects and patterns suitable for the beginner sewer through to those with more advanced skills (I'm somewhere in between).  There are some funky pattern-free projects for tops and skirts which I am keen to try out.

Panel skirt featured on page 163 of You Sew, Girl

It is great to see a sewing book by an Australian designer - it is lots of fun, check it out!


  1. oh great! I love books, this looks fab. I have been very naughty and had a splurge on amazon just th other day.

  2. What is the sewing level of this book? I'm definitely still a beginner. I started to sew using Diane Rupp's SEW EVERYTHING WORKSHOP - great book. Im asking for recommendations on the next book to add in my sewing library - not sure if this one would be too advanced for me or not? p.s LOVE YOUR SPREAD CRAFTINESS Pay it Forward 2011 Pledge. I think I'll do it on my blog too. I just started a blog hop over on my page, and each week I'll be writing about someone elses blog. I would love to link over to yours soon and tell people about this 'pledge!' - Keep your eye out! -xoxo Hattie (Hattiesboutique.blogspot.com)