21 July 2011

Hexagon Granny Rug

I have decided to make a rug for the girls - but I want to make something that isn't "too" nanna and propel me straight into the retirement home.  I also want to challenge myself  by trying something a little different to the standard "granny square".  It was my sister who suggested I have a look at rugs  made from hexagons (check them out here).  I LOVE them!!  Ok - design sorted.  But how????? do you do hexagons???  This hunt lead me to Attic 24 a beautiful blog written by Lucy, who loves crochet and colour.  Lucy has been kind enough to share her pattern for hexagons here

This is my first attempt at a hexagon - I have to admit, I'm pretty impressed with myself - mistakes and all!

Ok - so I have a design and a pattern, now for the hardest decision of all ....... what colours to use?????  I want this rug to be funky and it is for the girls, so I decided to go with bright, happy colours in 8 ply pure Australian Merino wool.  (not a great representation of the colours in this piccie - but it will have to do).

I am going to make the centre of the hexagons all the same colour - orange, and then mix the colours up for each block. 

Lucy has a great way of joining the blocks as you go - eliminating that dreaded task of sewing all the blocks together at the end.  As this step is done when doing the "hexagon" round of the block, you need to get a few circles done first - here is my handiwork so far ....

I have to admit - I'm very excited about this project and am grabbing every spare minute I have to make more circles.  I am going to try and join a few of them tonight - so stay tuned!!

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  1. oh wow, I am so impressed. I wish I could crochet, I was thinking of learning from a book when I'm on holiday (maybe)! As for colours I would always choose green!!! x x x