25 August 2011

Inspiration returns!

I have been in a "sewing black hole" since about Easter.  I just haven't been able to get myself motivated to sew anything.  In fact I have lent my machine to a friend for the last month - that's how bad it is!  I had planned to "sew along" with the Sew Weekly for the year, and I was soooo good for the first few months - until I went on holidays (twice in six weeks).  Unfortunately, nothing seems to have been able to drag me back to the sewing machine - that is until I met Kazz.  (Actually I have been a fan of Kazz's for quite some time, but hadn't ventured over to her blog).

Even though I haven't been sewing along with the girls at SW - I still check in pretty much daily to see what they are all up to (and I have missed not being a part of the "gang").  It was while doing this that I found Kazz's Back for Seconds dress.  I LOVE this dress!  So inspired was I with Kazz's fab frock and her pattern for fab frock that I had to hotfoot it over to Spotlight to get fabric - quickly followed by a phone call to my friend to ask for the prompt return of my sewing machine!

This is a very bold choice for me - but I do love it!

This is a very poor photo of the fabric, it looks MUCH better than this.  The pattern is made up of trees.
Using Kazz's pattern I am hoping to turn these two pieces of fabric into fab frocks ....... stay tuned!!


  1. Hi Deb, I had a great day with you and Amanda too and hope we can do it again soon. I love your crochet by the way and I will find you a link of one I saw on another blog - it was gorgeous and I am sure you will love it too. Oh to be crafty! Make sure you post pics of you dress when you finish. ;-)

  2. Couldn't find an email for you Deb? Here you go: