23 August 2011


Where does time go??  It doesn't seem THAT long ago that I last posted ..... I have got to make more of an effort to stay up to date.  So - what have I been doing?  I have no idea really!  Dance exams consumed almost one week - three days of exams between the two girls, lots of cooking (I get the job of catering for the examiner) and LOTS of time spent waiting, waiting, waiting! 

I wonder how many hours of my life is spent waiting?  Too many to count.  I am always waiting for someone - mostly members of my family.  Waiting for the tennis/swimming lessons to finish, waiting for dance class to finish, waiting for "Himself" (man of the house) to get organised, waiting for school to finish ..... and on it goes.  What do we do with this "waiting" time?  For me - I try and spend some of the tiime doing things for me.  At the moment, that means crocheting little circles, other times it might mean a bit of knitting, hand sewing or flicking through a magazine.  Turning this "waiting" time into productive time is what keeps me sane, and makes the time the girls spend doing things they love more enjoyable.

What do you do while you are waiting?


  1. if only I could get my brain to stop! I always have list of things to do and I have always felt it is important to do things that I love, after all this is my life too and I want to live it to the full.
    I often feel that I spend hugh amounts of time waiting, end of school, MrPB to come home from work. Waiting for the sun to come out (long wait here ha ha)
    Balance is the hard thing.
    If you are creative types like us though there are always things you can get on with while your waiting! x x x x x x x

  2. Paste a smile on your face, nod a lot and squirrel notes for your blog on your phone, scraps of paper or the margins of your paperback. Keep it up!