30 January 2012

Sourdough Bread

For the past week I have been having lots of fun baking my own sourdough bread.  I've had mixed success - the first loaf was pretty good, the second one went straight to the chickens!  Overall every loaf (with the exception of the chicken food) has been edible ... some more than others.  I've even made bread rolls, which turned out not too badly for my first attempt!

Why is making bread more satisfying than baking a cake?   I don't know why this has given me such pleasure, but I'm loving every minute of it (even the failures).  I feel very connected to generations of women before me who baked bread as part of their everyday life, when calling into the local bakery on their way home from the school run/work wasn't an option.

I have been using recipes from Yoke Mardewi's book Sourdough.  This is a beautiful book that goes through everything you need to know about baking with sourdough (even croissants!).  My wonderful neighbour got me started on this "bread making" journey and has been very patient with me as I ask hundreds of questions ...... every other day!

I urge you to give baking bread (preferably sourdough - but any will do) a try.  Maybe you will find it has an impact on you as well.

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