09 January 2012


Image from timeinc.net
I need more calmness in my life.  These things are going to help me find it ...

Reclaim my house from all the Stuff" that has been allowed to move in

Increasing my physical fitness and loosing 5 kg (before March) and going back to yoga classes

Participate in the Sew Weekly challenges

Finish my hexagon rug
Spend more time in my garden

I need to do a whole lot on a personal level to become a more peaceful and calm person, but making time to do these things will certainly have a huge impact.


  1. Well good luck! I love a good list of things to do. PS Couldn't get to your post about your dress, all I can say is that I had the same problem and a big belt helped!

  2. Thanks Charlotte - but not even a belt was going to save this dress - the fabric just wasn't right.