10 January 2012

Was I on drugs when I bought this fabric?

I haven't started the year off well on the sewing front. I half made possibly the worst thing I have EVER made this week - a hideous sack of a dress in fabric that I can't quite believe I actually bought. I was obviously having some sort of brain meltdown at the time - and if it wasn't bad enough that I had purchased the fabric - I still didn't see the "light" and went on to actually use it! That little voice in the back of my head tried to stop me when I got the fabric out this week, but did I listen? No, I went on to waste a couple of hours tracing out the pattern (which I think I will bin), then make a muslin of the bodice (??? I NEVER do that) and happy with the fit of that, go on and cut out the dress, by which time I was finally coming to my senses. Trying the dress on I shrieked, took it off and threw it straight into the bin. I did retrieve it briefly to take this photo .... just to remind me how stupid I can be sometimes (most times?) .....

You will be relieved to know that it has gone straight back into the bin.

Lessons learnt from this little exercise?

1. Don't buy silky bright coloured fabric - unless making pj's for my children (and I still wouldn't use this).
2. Don't be lazy and look for the "quick" make dress - they are usually shapeless sacks (that's what makes them quick)
3. When that "little voice" is trying to tell me something - stop and listen!

Not to be deflated - I'm looking for a more complex project this week - maybe the shirtmaker dress I've been wanting to make for ages (and it has buttons, so I can use it for the next Sew Weekly challenge).

What do you think? I know this fabric is quite loud as well, but I think it will work. Tommy Hilfiger did a shirt in fabric similar to this and I just loved it ... so I think this is my next project. Don't you just love my new red chickens? I just got them so had to put them in the piccie too!


  1. Hi Deb, sometimes the bests lessons are the hardest ones..


  2. I also learnt the easy patterns or usually rubbish! or like a sack, but maybe I'm on drugs too as I like that fabric!