17 January 2012

Photographic journal

In a quest to:

1. Have a photographic journal of things in my life;

2.  To take better photos;

3.  To explore and extend my creativity (or not)

I have decided to take a few photos of what's going on around me most days.  I'd like to say "everyday", but I'm being realistic in that I will probably forget .... most days!  But I'm trying. 

I have been thinking of this project for a while now, but Kazz has totally inspired me (both with her photography and her amazing sewing skills and fab blog posts) to stop thinking and start doing.  So here goes ......

Day 1 - Monday 16 January 2012

my hexagon rug

It's raining today; I love my new red chickens; pinecone decor. 

1 comment:

  1. I love this idea, I take photo's from my phone and they're rubbish really. I'm thinking of getting a camera and improving my skills too. Good luck. x x x