01 January 2012

Welcome 2012

Welcome 2012 - may you be full of love, friendship, opportunity, creativity, laughter, happiness.  This is my wish for everyone.  For all those that have had a difficult 2011 I hope 2012 smiles upon you.  For everyone that suffered heartache through personal tragedies or natural ones (floods, earthquakes, tsunami, cyclones) - I hope 2012 will give you strength and healing.

For me - I am hoping that Miss A's transition into high school will be a positive and rewarding one.  For Miss E (happy 8th birthday my darling) that she will continue to blossom (and that the whinging passes - quickly).  For Mr R - that he catches some fish (a new hobby). 

And me?  I hope that 2012 will:
  • continue to be filled with joy as I watch my children grow,
  • that I spend more time in my garden, with my horse and at my sewing machine,
  • I finish my hexagon rug (only 120 more hexagons to go!). 
  • I can find more serenity and calmness in my life. 
So ..... let the journey continue!


  1. oh my the crochet looks totally amazing!! Happy birthday in your household. x x x

  2. Thanks Charlotte - I have set myself a goal of 3 circles a day for the month of January so I can spend February piecing it all together. Hopefully I can stay on target.