01 June 2012

Hexagon Happiness

Drum roll please ........ proudly presenting my first crochet rug

Hexagon Happiness


The facts:
Yarn:  approx 25 balls of Vera Moda 100% Australian Merino Wool @ $3.00/50g ball
Size:  108 cm x 140 cm = 16 rows x 11 = 176 hexagons
Hook: Knit Pro 4.00 mm
Time:  approx 90 hours
In all its glory

Edging detail

Yarn facts

I have  loved every minute of the approximately 90 hours it has taken me to create this beauty.  I started back in July 2011 - so it has taken me almost a year to complete. I have to admit that until going on holidays back in December I hadn't done very much.  Over the 10 days spent at the beautiful Stradbroke Island I got to refocus and get a real kickalong.  I set the goal of doing 3 circles a day until the end of February (that gave me the number required).  I had a little break, and then set myself the goal of joining and finishing two hexagons a day to have the rug finished by the end of May.  I'm not great achieving most goals I set - but I have been very focused on this project.  I didn't always get the daily quota done, but other days I did heaps, so that kept me on track.  Plus I have been totally obsessed with it for the last week and have spent every spare minute (and some) to get it finished! Miss E is going to be the proud owner of Hexagon Happiness - I hope!

Now it is time to get all excited about a new project.  Miss A has chosen this design for her rug.  I am going to use Vera Moda Willowy, which is 100% viscose.  This is much finer than the 8 ply wool that I used for Hexagon Happiness, so will produce a much lighter rug.  I have done a couple of squares to try it out and it feels beautiful, but a little slippery to work with.

So the journey begins again - and more goal setting!!


  1. Wow, beautiful rug! That must represent many, many hours of work. :)

  2. Wow it's finished!! It is amazing too, so much work. Now a family heirloom no doubt. x x x

  3. Oh, this is gorgeous! I love the colour combinations you've used - so pretty and so much fun. :-)

  4. What a gorgeous crochet rug!! I just love the colour combination you chose.
    Thank you so much for your kind comment on my blog too :)