10 June 2013

More dance costumes

Whilst it has been quite here on the blogging front, it has been busy here behind the scenes at Dizzidays.  The sewing machine has been hard at work churning out more dance costumes - this time "one off" costumes for Miss A and Miss E's routines for the ATOD QLD state scholarship competition.  Miss E required 2 costumes (purchased one) and Miss A required 6 in total of which I had to make 4 (we used an exisiting costume for fast jazz and I bought her tutu).

For those of you who have children you will know how hard it is to get them to stay still long enough for fittings.  Add in a busy high school schedule, many dance classes a week and a tired crumpy teenager and it is almost impossible!  Another impossible task seems to be getting photos of my creations!  In the craziness of the competition I got hardly any photos and my suggestion that the costumes be put on again for a photo shoot was not met with joy.  So here are the few very poor photos I managed to get:

Lyrical costume - the leotard is sky blue velvet lycra with silver glittery stuff.  The skirt is a steely grey chiffon.  I used Kwik Sew pattern 2796 but made the skirt much fuller.

Polish Ribbon National Costume - skirt and petticoat (just peeping out the bottom) is a self drafted circle skirt.  Shirt and vest adapted from several patterns which I can't remember (opps!).

Tap costume - leotard is black velvet lycra with silver bits and black net bodice and sleeves.  I used Kwik Sew 3445 cutting a higher neckline.  The "self drafted" bustle at the back is three tiers of gathered tulle.  I love how this costume turned out!

I purchased this beautiful black tutu from Emtutu.com.  It looks particularly gorgeous with the purple spotty socks!

Miss E wearing her purchased tap costume proudly holding her 4th place trophy! She got a commended for her Jazz as well.

Miss A did very well - Encouragement Award for ballet, 3rd for tap and HC for Jazz.  I am SO proud of my little dancing princesses.


  1. I love these. The black tap costume turned out wonderfully! It would be so fun to have girls to sew for, as my mom did for me and my sister. I still have a picture of my sparkly purple tutu!!

  2. Thanks Amy - it is fun sewing costumes, it certainly tests my (limited) skills!